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          來源:本地 時間:2017-10-17 09:46

          1. 超薄長條設計,兩頭接線,安裝簡易 Slim and thinner design, wire connected to double ends, easy installation
          2. 采用正激方案,更穩定,更可靠It will be more stable and reliable to use normal shock solution  
          3. 內置EMI濾波電路,無干擾,無閃屏現象 EMI built in, no interference and flicker      
          4. 具有短路保護功能  Short circuit, over current protection      
          5. 足功率100%老化  100% aging with full load      
          6. 采用貼片元器件,產品更輕,更小,更薄 SMD processing, more lighter, smaller and thinner    
          7. 產品輸出電壓穩定,紋波小,效率高 Output voltage is steady, with less ripple and higher efficiency
          工作溫度 Working Temperature  -30℃~+50℃    
          輸入電壓 Input Voltage 200~240VAC    
          輸入頻率 Input Frequency 50-60Hz    
          輸出過載保護 Output Load Protection 110%-140%    
          耐壓測試 Withstand Voltage 輸入對輸出I/P-O/P:1.5KVAC/1min    
          開啟時間 Set Up Time ≤1s    
          安全標準 Safety Standards 根據Compliance with GB4943, UL60950, EN60950
          平均吳故障時間 MTBF >50000hours    
          散熱方式 Cooling Method 自冷Cooling by free air convection